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What is the Back in Motion franchise?

Back in Motion is the UK's first Physiotherapy and Health franchise specialising in optimising movement and health in the population.

Back in Motion specialists are Chartered Physiotherapists supported by other allied registered health professionals and services to keep the population moving and enjoying a quality of life.

We typically work with anyone who has sub-optimal health and are accredited by many leading healthcare companies to deliver care on their behalf since 2004 such as NHS contracts, BUPA and IPRS.

During our research we discovered there was little support for individuals to access rehabilitation services in the UK and optimise on their potential so we developed a healthcare model which supports a programme of treatment and rehabilitation that fits an individuals objectives, potential and budget.

Who are we looking for?

Are you currently a clinic owner? Are you looking to start out a Physiotherapy business on your own or do you have an interest in health and fitness and would like to learn more how you can run a business?

Then please read on about Back in Motion and how we can help you...

A Back in Motion franchise can help you start up a clinic from scratch or assist you in being more profitable in your current business.

Running a small business on your own can be a very challenging experience. Franchising can help you to develop more robust systems and processes and marketing structure in your business.

Improved systems will drive more new and returning custom into your business, allowing you to have more control of your working life and a higher value for your business.