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What is the Back in Motion franchise?


Back in Motion is the UK's first Physiotherapy and Health franchise specialising in optimising movement and health in the population.


Back in Motion specialists are Chartered Physiotherapists supported by other allied registered health professionals and services to keep the population moving and enjoying a quality of life.


We typically work with anyone who has sub-optimal health and are accredited by many leading healthcare companies to deliver care on their behalf since 2004 such as NHS contracts, BUPA and IPRS.


During our research we discovered there was little support for individuals to access rehabilitation services in the UK and optimise on their potential so we developed a healthcare model which supports a programme of treatment and rehabilitation that fits an individuals objectives, potential and budget.

Who are we looking for?


Are you currently a clinic owner? Are you looking to start out a Physiotherapy business on your own or do you have an interest in health and fitness and would like to learn more how you can run a business?


Then please read on about Back in Motion and how we can help you...


A Back in Motion franchise can help you start up a clinic from scratch or assist you in being more profitable in your current business.


Running a small business on your own can be a very challenging experience. Franchising can help you  to develop more robust systems and processes and marketing structure in your business.


Improved systems will drive more new and returning custom into your business, allowing you to have more control of your working life and a higher value for your business.



“In 2014 Clare asked me what I wanted from my career going forward. I always had the desire to start my own business, but I was afraid to do so alone. The Back in Motion franchise provided me with the perfect solution: to build a business around my passion with expert guidance, and a helping hand every step of the way.


The Back in Motion brand is a concept that I wholly believe in. My experiences as both a member of staff and as a franchise owner, have shown me in practice how successful the Back in Motion model is. I believe in - and I am committed to - providing the very best care for my patients - something that previous organisations hadn't allowed me to do.


Back in Motion franchising has provided me with all of the benefits of being a business owner but without the associated risk. I am able to follow a tried and tested method with a strong record of success. The franchise model provides me with excellent training programmes and on-going operational support.


I can honestly say that being part of the Back in Motion group 12 months ago was the best choice I have made. I now know that I have a stable and flourishing business to allow myself and my family an amazing future.


Thank you Clare, for trusting in me and allowing me this opportunity.”


- Elizabeth Carpenter BSc. (Hons) MCSP ATACP AACP




“I always liked the idea of running my own business but felt that I did not have the entrepreneurial skills to do it on my own. For a newly qualified physiotherapist who was up for a challenge, the Back in Motion franchising opportunity felt like the perfect solution. I would be able to work for myself, but I would also have the support and guidance of someone who knew how to run a successful business.


My original ambition was to work as an NHS physiotherapist, so that I could work 9-5pm allowing me to pursue my other passion, the theatre. Once I realised the potential that I had for running my own clinic, this ambition shifted and physiotherapy and the business has became my main passion. With the flexibility of running my own business, I now not only continue to enjoy my interest in theatre arts, but I am also empowered with a renewed passion for my physiotherapy career.


In running my own business, I liked the idea that I was in control of my own destiny. I enjoyed the concept that the harder I worked, the greater the financial reward - rather than it going into some else’s pocket. There is also a great element of independence that I enjoy, the ability to control my own schedule without having to ask for approval.



Outside of work my main motivation is spending quality time with my friends and family, closely followed by my passion for theatre. Before I start a family I am keen to travel and see places further afield - something that is far more feasible with the flexibility of owning and running my own business.


I am constantly striving to grow my business. I have ideas as to the type of turnover I would like to make, but my main goal is to work to achieve a comfortable lifestyle that allows me to do all the things I want to do.


When taking on a franchise you have to put a lot of trust into the franchisors, but it is important to note that they are also putting a lot of trust in you. I am thrilled to have built a successful business that is continuing to grow, and that I am able to reap the rewards of my hard work.”


 - Gemma Morris MSc.Physiotherapy MCSP AACP





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